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Moving van with cardboard box and chairs by house

Domestic Removals in Oldham

For assistance with domestic removals in the Oldham area, look no further than Rapid Rom Removals where we carry out jobs of all sizes, from full clearances to smaller disposals.

Our removal services

Here at Rapid Rom Removals we simplify the process of decluttering and managing your space, with a dedicated team who work hard to remove unwanted furniture, waste, and equipment. Contact us today for a hassle-free solution, allowing you to transition smoothly to a living space you love!

Domestic removals

Waste collection

Office clearance

Eco-friendly disposal

White clearance van

House clearances

Moving house and need help transferring your belongings from A to B? At Rapid Rom Removals we specialise in full house clearances, helping you move hefty furniture safely and securely in just one trip. With our house clearance service, we ensure a seamless and stress-free process for all involved, whether you are downsizing, relocating or simply getting organised! Put your trust in us to efficiently clear your space, leaving it refreshed and ready for a new chapter.


Waste removals

Our waste removal service offers a convenient solution to efficiently manage and dispose of unwanted items. Whether you are clearing out clutter, renovating, or moving house, our team ensures prompt and responsible removals of various types of waste. From furniture to electronics to general rubbish, we prioritise eco-friendly disposal methods, taking care of the clean-up whilst contributing to a better environment! Simply get in touch to schedule your next clearance day.

Front view of white clearance van parked outside house
Pile of cardboard boxes

Commercial clearance

At Rapid Rom Removals we also offer our expertise when it comes to commercial clearance, helping to tidy up office spaces and remove any unwanted furniture. We are equipped to dispose of both your general office chairs and desks as well as sensitive IT equipment that you no longer have any use for. As a team, we care about the environment, ensuring we are using sustainable methods and disposing of your things in an effective, eco-friendly way. Ready to clear your office space? Contact us today!


For commercial and domestic removals from a team of experts, contact us at Rapid Rom Removals today on 07710 438259. Covering all your clearance needs!

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